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Welcome to Alternative Office Solutions!

An alternative solution to your office support needs.

Transcription is the process by which a recording of the spoken word is converted to a written format. Since our inception in 1997, our mission has been to provide clients with the best possible transcription services so that you can be freed up to do what you do best – whatever that might be!

At Alternative Office Solutions, our services are tailored to help anyone in any industry that needs audio or video transcribed. We offer affordable transcription services that will meet your deadline without breaking your budget.

As a U.S.-based transcription service, your transcripts are created by a native English speaker who understands the nuances of the language, guaranteeing a superior transcript. Exceptional transcripts require knowledge, skill, and personal attention to the details of your project. We provide attentive customer service to ensure that your project is completed when and how you need it.

Let us partner with you to provide short-term or long-term help as needed.